Where to Buy Wholesale Stainless Steel Tumblers – All You Want to Know(Beginner Guide 2021)

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If you’re a craft enthusiast or do DIY glitter tumblers, you’ll want to know where to buy wholesale stainless steel tumblers for a good price and quality.
Read on, this post will list some channels for different needs for purchasing bulk stainless steel tumblers.

1#Purchase from Alibaba.com – Suit for big purchase order quantity

At present, most stainless steel tumblers are produced in China and purchased in large quantities through importers or wholesalers, and then sold to downstream distributors, retailers and online stores.

If you are a merchant with a fixed purchase amount every month, you can directly contact Chinese manufacturers. Many Chinese manufacturers have a display platform on Alibaba.com. You can select several factories from this platform to inquire and confirm the initial purchase intention.



These manufacturers generally have a relatively low minimum purchase quantity. Compared with your purchase from domestic import wholesalers, the price will have an advantage. The premise is that your purchase quantity reaches a certain standard, and the unit price is added to the freight. If you have an advantage, you can try to adopt this purchasing method.

#2 Buy direct from Amazon – Suit for small craft business workshop

If you are a small craft workshop for custom business for DIY glitter tumblers, and the order volume is relatively small, then you can directly buying on Amazon. Below we have listed some Amazon top sell tumblers from different sellers.

There are also many stainless steel tumblers on Amazon. They will There are small-volume discounts, which are very friendly to small handicraft studios.
When the number of orders from the studio increases and the purchase volume increases, then you can consider purchasing blank stainless steel cups directly from the source factory.

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